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From Awareness to Conversion: 3 simple ways to improve FB Ad conversions

Jul 23, 2018 / by Mark Orga / In Social Media / Leave a comment

Back when marketers used Facebook to drive awareness, the idea of using such platform for conversions was just an afterthought.

However, fast-forward today, marketers are now concerned about driving conversions for that ever. Gone are the days when having thousand-plus likes and a couple of hundred shares are more than enough to justify a mediocre budget for Facebook ads. With Facebook recently changing its news feed algorithm giving more weight to increased Ads spending, now is the best time to capitalize on such platform.

Here are some things to keep in mind to drive more conversions with your posts:


When it comes to copy, applying the timeless adage of keeping it “short and sweet” can make the ad more impactful. Moreover, while it is tempting to showcase your vocabulary with jargons and highfalutin words, using such can intimidate and annoy your audience. Remember, users have a short attention span when it comes to social media posts.


We cannot overemphasize the importance of user engagement in today’s digital ecosystem. Create something in your copy that will make your audience interact and “do something” about your post. This could be as simple as a “touch and see” GIF or a direct call to action such as “buy now” or “learn more”.


According to research, it only takes 1/10 of a second to make up an impression towards a person. We believe ads are no different. A witty copy can also be complimented by an eye-catching visuals such as colorful GIFs or short eye-candy videos.

These are just a few of some ways you can further improve your Facebook Ad conversions. Of course, it is also important to measure and gather insights from your ads’ analytics so you can further improve and adjust. After all, creating a social media campaign never stops, it only changes.

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